Masbia Rego Park opened in mid May 2010 as part of a joint effort by Met Council and Masbia in response to the economic crises, which left many New Yorkers seeking food at soup kitchens. Masbia Rego Park is the fourth site to open in the Masbia soup kitchen network. The site was opened with the help of the Henry and Suzie Orenstein Emergency Food Kitchen's Network and the Laub family.

For a long time, the needy depended on the generosity of individuals in the community and some weekend packages programs. But those looking for a hot meal on a daily basis had no place to go. Masbia opened to fill the gap. Our mission is to feed hot, nourishing Kosher meals in an organized fashion to anyone in need--hungry, poor, young and old. We rely on the belief that people in the community will support the cause with generous financial and moral support.

On openining night Masbia Rego Park served 50 meals, and that number continues to grow.

Known as the "free restaurant," Masbia serves a three-course meal five nights a week in a restaurant-like setting that offers its patrons the privacy and dignity that everyone deserves. But every day, the challenge of feeding the needy continues to grow. The more Masbia feeds, the more it depends on generous people in the community to keep its doors open.

The Rego Park soup kitchen operates in a storefront on a commercial strip on Queens Blvd. and was beautifully renovated, with moldings, drapery to protect people's privacy, and adorned with paintings of shtetl life by a Jerusalem artist. The renovation includes Jerusalem stone paneling, which gives the space an extra special touch. The decor of the place makes you feel like you've entered a high-end New York restaurant. A foyer in the front was built as a waiting room so that people don't have to stand in a "bread line" outside.

Masbia of Boro Park, which opened in 2005, was the first Kosher soup kitchen in New York City, and its model is now being replicated in many neighborhoods in the city as part of the Masbia network.
Our Board Members:

Itzi (Irving) Laub--brought up in Forrest Hills New York, now lives in Kew Gardens. Went to Yeshiva University and is now a local Queens businessman. Married to Irene Laub. They have six children, four boys and two girls.

Chaya (Claire) Faigenbaum--Was brought up in Forrest Hills,Queens and now lives in Teaneck NJ. Married to Jack Feigenbaum. They have four children, two boys and two girls.

Chanie (Helene) Schmutter--Was brought up in Forrest Hills, Queens and now lives in Teaneck NJ. Married to Norman Feigenbaum. They have five children, three boys and two girls.

Mordechai Mandelbaum--Was brought up in Boro Park, Brooklyn and still lives there with his wife Yitta (also known as Yitta Halberstam) author of "Holy Brother" and "Small Miracles". They have two sons.

Alexander Rapaport--Was brought up in Boro Park Brooklyn, where he still lives with his wife Tobi and their six kids, five boys one girl.

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